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With all the chaotic calumny and the endless vilification widespread amongst the people. We have to put things into perspective.

If Ml. Abdullah Saleem is facing an allegation, then the court is taking care of that and legal actions are taking place. Why then is IIE, an Independent Non-profit organization and religious Institution, being dragged into this? 

How does bringing down a school do justice for an allegation against an employee and even that a former one?  How does snatching an organization from the subsequent authority have any connection with a disaffiliated man’s allegation? IF a man commits a personal crime, you try him, NOT an extraneous company.

Even more so, when a person is accused of a crime and he is dealt with by the law, publicly defaming is a serious violation of Islamic Law which strongly condemns libel and degradation EVEN if proven guilty. 

Verily, those who like that (the crime of) illegal sexual intercourse should be propagated among those who believe, they will have a painful torment in this world and in the Hereafter. And Allah knows and you know not. (Nur:19)

Blaming or shaming victims is out of the question, public defaming is blasphemous (not justice) and is no less than a crime itself.

Islam under no case permits public trial as it promotes biased prejudgement and lacks justice through appropriate investigation and evidence analysis along with due process, therefore increasing chances of the guilty being exonerated and the innocent convicted. 

The hauling of the school into the case is self-evident, public global smearing is simply a means to defame and confiscate the one of a kind institution. The ravenous attempt of ownership of an orthodox Islamic Madrasah, state-of-the art virtual High school, outstanding Masjid and an esteemed Community Center with a solid infrastructure, full-fledged, fully equipped to be grasped right at the fingertips.

The repercussions of the charges is the closing of the hafiz/ ‘aalim school, the unemployment of teachers and staff, the disarray of students.. without realizing, in order to defend victims, only more victims are being produced.

The motive of the case is obscure, whether the crime is about an alleged man and justice for the claimed victims or whether it’s resistance from an external power to gain control over an Independent Institution, – second one, clearly not a crime.